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Watch Anna’s video about issues surrounding returning to work under the Shared Parental Leave legislation.

Can a woman claim she is being treated detrimentally if she returns to work and is then unwell?

A woman returned to work after 10 weeks maternity leave because her partner was going to take Shared Parental Leave thereafter. Can she claim she has been treated detrimentally because of pregnancy and maternity leave if she then becomes unwell, for example with post-natal depression and feels she is being treated detrimentally?

You will recall from maternity law that the protected period for ladies taking maternity leave ends when their maternity leave ends. Once they are back at work you are entitled to manage their absence in the usual way, as confirmed by the case of Brown v Rentokil in 1998. This is the case even if the absence has some link back to the pregnancy such as post-natal depression, as confirmed by the case of Lyons v DWP in 2013.

Provided the absence management procedures applied to this lady are exactly the same as you would apply to a man who is off work for the same amount of time, there will be no sex discrimination and this employee will not have any grounds for complaint.

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