Advanced Notice – Exciting new course coming in 2014

Employment law for complete beginners

Who is this for?

Those who are new to HR or management or wanting to brush up on their employment law.

The course is deliberately focused on providing tools for the workplace and a less academic approach than some of the alternative courses available. It has been designed with the issues that we see in daily practice in mind.

What will it cover?

The course syllabus will cover the following:

  • Introduction to employment law – busting some of the jargon and understanding the concepts we will be working with
  • Recruitment best practice
    • Why this is important
    • Common pitfalls in the recruitment process and the most common risks
    • Things to avoid
    • Making the offer and terms of the contract
    • Taking up references and medicals
    • The contract of employment
  • Managing performance
    • Why this is important
    • The common risks and pitfalls
    • The probationary period and bringing the employment to an end quickly when things don’t work out
    • Tools for managing performance and giving line managers the skills to do so
  • Managing absence
    • Why this is important
    • The common risks and pitfalls
    • The tools for dealing with short-term absence
    • The tools for dealing with long-term absence
    • Special considerations around ‘stress’
    • Frustration of contract
    • Disability discrimination and the obligation to make ‘reasonable adjustments’
  • Dealing with disciplinary issues
    • Why this is important.
    • The common risks
    • What counts as gross misconduct?
    • How to suspend someone
    • How to investigate misconduct
    • Issues around witnesses and anonymity
    • Conducting a disciplinary hearing
    • Keeping notes
    • What to do in certain common scenarios
    • Conduct outside of work and when an employer can take action
    • The tests to bear in mind when making a decision
    • What the appeal is for and why it is important
  • Dealing with grievances and claims of bulling and harassment
    • Why this is important.
    • The common risks and pitfalls
    • How to write an investigation report
  • Parental and family friendly rights including maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, the right to request flexible working and common scenarios encountered by employers.
  • Reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy
    • When is it a redundancy situation?
    • Collective consultation
    • Pools of selection and selection criteria
    • Following a fair process and looking for alternative employment
    • TUPE and outsourcing
    • Changing contracts of employment
    • The role of HR – practical hints and tips

How will it be delivered?

This course will be delivered via a mixture of webinar seminars online and face to face workshops during 2014.

What are the benefits?

The many benefits of these sessions include:-

  • Over £9000 worth of training for a fraction of the price
  • Tuition from expert lawyer who formerly taught on the CIPD Professional Development Course
  • Listen to training materials again and at times convenient to you
  • Opportunity to meet and share ideas with like-minded people
  • Learn from other organisations
  • Sessions programmed at times to suit the delegates

What will it cost?

£1447 + VAT. 10% discount for charities.

How do I book?

Bookings are already being taken. Places will be strictly limited to 10 people. Once those delegates are confirmed, the dates will be scheduled to accommodate the group. Email expressing an interest and you will be sent a booking form.