Retainer for HR Consultants

We understand that every HR consultant benefits from an opportunity to liaise with an employment lawyer. We offer a retainer at low cost to independent HR professionals to enable them:

  • To discuss difficult cases
  • Pick the brains of an employment lawyer
  • Check they haven’t missed something


We also run a quarterly HR network for consultants to share knowledge and opportunities. We believe that by working together we provide a better service to our clients.

Anna is the most approachable and flexible Lawyer you could possibly meet, she provides excellent, timely and affordable legal advice which is not only easy to understand but which is always sensible and realistic. She has supported me through employment tribunals and helped resolve numerous complex and difficult HR issues over the years and having her calm and professional advice to turn to makes my job so much easier. I always go to Anna for a second opinion or to talk through a particularly difficult HR issue, this is invaluable when you work independently and it allows me to provide my clients with complete peace of mind without the cost to them of separate legal advice.

Jane Thomas FCIPD